Company TECON Ltd. has been found in August 1990 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Constitutors and employees of the company are former functionaries of defense industry. Main company's activities.

1. Manufacturing of bank equipment for Ukrainian banks - 1990 - 1998.

2. Delivery, installation and servicing of modern high-tech and IT equipment and software of leading foreign companies - from 1993 upwards.

List of companies-partners:

* "Bruel and Kjaer" (Denmark) - world leader in area of acoustic and vibration measurements. Equipment has been installed and is working in all nuclear power plants of Ukraine, in aviation, car, machine-building factories, metallurgical and chemical plants etc.

* Company "Brahler" (Germany) - world leader in area of conference systems, speech translation and sound amplification systems. Equipment has been installed in Ukrainian Parliament, Counting Chamber of Ukraine, Ukrainian Telecom and Kiev city radio networks.

* Company "Railweight" (UK) - railway weighing machines for weighting the trains in motion. Weighting machine operates in Near-Port plant (city Odessa), Nikolayev alumina plant, Severodonetsk plant "Azot".

* Company "Radom" (Czech Republic) - systems of vehicle control using navigation satellites (GPS) and mobile communication (tranking and GSM). Company "TECON" together with "UkrSat" and R&D Institute of Geodesy and Cartography have developed in 1995 the "System of transportation control of radioactive wastes in 30 km Chernobyl area using satellite system GPS". The customer was State Enterprise "Complex". In 1999 company "TECON" in cooperation with R&D Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and corporation "OmniTex" have developed the "System of special transport control for road police in city Kiev using GPS". In all developments equipment of and GPS-modules of "Radom" has been used. * Company "FLS" (Denmark) - delivery of electrostatic precipitators for thermal power plants.

Now Company "TECON" is taking part in developing the documentation for reconstruction of power plants under foreign grants.

3. Developing and installation of software.

* Development of original software.

* "TECON" is an authorized partner of corporation "Oracle" (USA).

* The general partner in Ukraine companies " Guarantors - Park -Internet (RCOтм) " (Russia)

* Company Prolog Develepment Center -PDC (Denmark) - is a leading supplier of advanced planning, resource scheduling, decision support and speechbased solutions. Company "TECON" has developed and installed the software in State Tax administration of Ukraine, international Airport "Borispol", Glavarchitecture of Kiev, R&D Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and many others.

Director of "TECON" Korzhov Eugeny Ivanovich

Address of TECON Ukraine, 01010, Kiev, Ivana Mazepa (Yanvarskogo Vosstania) st.14 of. 43

Phone (380-44)-2800180

Phone/Fax (380-44)-2542939

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Financial Essential elements

Account 2600310076 in bank "Raiffeisen Bank Aval" Kiev,

MFO 300335.

ZKPO № 14283438 VAT payee number № 37405944 Ind.

Tax code № 142834326101